Mexican New Year’s Traditions

It’s that time of year to spread joy, and as the year 2021 comes to a close, many individuals are preparing to celebrate their unique way of ushering in the new year. Mexican New Year’s traditions, like any other culture, involve gathering with family members and friends to wish each other love and happiness in the new year. 

These traditional New Year’s ceremonies are thought to bring good fortune, success, love, and blessings in the next year. 

Food & Drink

Popular dishes consumed on the eve of the New Year consist of bacalao, a salted dried codfish re-hydrated. Later prepared in a broth with fresh chiles and green olives. Tamales, organic corn-paste seasoned with sweet and savory flavorings, encased in corn leaves and steamed. Buñuelos are light and crunchy Mexican wafers. 

Ponche, a fruit cocktail infused with rum and rompope—eggnog—are two traditional seasonal drinks. Tequila and mezcal, champagne, and sparkling cider are all famous for New Year’s Eve parties as well. 


1. Wishes: Write your New Year’s resolutions on a regular scrap of paper and lay them on top of the table. When your dream comes true, burn the paper.

2. Goals: Once the midnight countdown to New Year’s Eve begins, eat 12 grapes and make a wish for each. This signifies the 12 months of the coming year. A sweet grape predicts a great month next year; a sour grape predicts a sad month.

3. Luck: Showcase a bordered platter with a candle in the middle. Later invite family and friends to drop coins into the platter before filling it with water for luck.

4. Prosperity: To make it more interesting, set a few candles on a porcelain dish. Border the dish with lentils, beans, rice, corn, flour, and a cinnamon stick. Leave candles to burn overnight until melted, then take the waxy food concoction off the platter and bury it. Do this for prosperity and food on your table throughout the year.

5. Fortune: For great fortune, consume a spoonful of cooked lentils or distribute a fistful of uncooked lentils to relatives and friends.


At the 11th hour, with party guests well-fed and grapes scoffed, a tradition of hugging and kissing starts. People in Mexico will devote the first few hours of New Year’s Day joking, drinking, and dancing salsa. Because nightclubs and bars stay open late, it is typical for young adults to go out celebrating after New Year’s. 

January 1st is a national holiday, and just a few shops will be available. After the year-end peak events, Mexico’s festivities extend into the New Year. The Guadalupe-Reyes festive season, which begins with Dia de Guadalupe on December 12th lasts until January 6th, King’s Day.

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